Welcome to the Turkish Virtual Airlines PILOTS HANDBOOK.

If you have found this website, you probably already know what a virtual airline (VA) is and for what purpose VA's exist.
If you don't, then here is a good place to start.

This document has been created for members to find all essential information about their membership in one location.

The handbook can be considered our terms & conditions, rules & regulations, operating procedures and guidelines to Turkish Virtual. We have combined everything into one document. Before contacting us, all pilots should check the operations manual, flight recorder handbook, and company rules. You will likely find the answer to your question in this handbook.

Turkish Virtual is the oldest virtual airline in Turkey. Since its inception in 2001. Turkish Virtual is a virtual airline that has a membership of 3,400 virtual pilots.

Turkish Virtual pilots fly passengers on real-world Turkish Airlines schedules, both domestically and internationally, for business, commercial and leisure purposes. Our fleet is operated by our knowledgeable, dedicated and professional pilots safely and efficiently.

Before flights, our pilots are meticulous in preparing the flight, from route planning to checking weather and airport charts and liaising with air traffic control on VATSIM.

Pilots at Turkish Virtual are employed in several areas; scheduled passenger services, passenger charter services, group events, charter rings (tours) services and even the VFR flying club and the helicopter division.

It is also a very active community where people can discuss aviation-related matters, enjoy flight simulation and generally have fun. Furthermore, we have a site on Facebook and offer a discord server for quick and informal exchange.

Turkish Virtual will always be formed by its members, not by its management. If you want to contribute to the development and structure of the company, go ahead. We don't have a jobs page and no official positions to assign. Suppose you regularly contribute to the VA with new ideas, repaints, coding help, or feedback. In that case, you may eventually find yourself being a part of the staff, just like that.

We kindly ask that you thoroughly read through this guide and digest the contents before signing up to join Turkish Virtual; it really will answer many of your questions and give you some idea of what we are all about. If there is something unclear to you, please contact us to help.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Turkish Virtual.

I wish you many safe flights.
Erhan M. ARTUC