VFR Flying Group

The General Aviation Flying Club for Turkish Virtual members. Take a break from airline flying and hop into a light plane or helicopter and either go solo or, for more fun, join other members flying VFR online on Vatsim. We hold informal VFR events wherever FS will take us. Serious fixed-wing training is also available from one of our qualified PPL instructors.

Turkish Virtual VFR Flying Club welcomes new members at any level of flight-simming ability to come and try the lighter side of aviation - in more ways than one. Many varied activities involving light aircraft flying online with others and with live ATC make the Club one of the most exciting branches of the Flight-simming hobby. Experience in aviation or Flight Simulator is not necessary. Members have the common aim of having fun in a simulated aviation environment.


Interested in joining? see details on the VFR club membership page on our website.

Turkish Virtual VFR Flying Club is a group of Flight Simulation enthusiasts who enjoy flying incredibly realistic simulated light aircraft, chiefly around Turkey. We meet mainly on weekday evenings and other organised occasions, to practise our flying skills and hold events such as visiting distant airports. We exchange news, views, and ideas between meets via our private club forum or discord channel.

New members can request help from the Club's Instructors, from simple service to flying a light aircraft, mimicking real-world flight training as realistically as possible. This training can be a very effective way of getting members flying quickly or helping them reach an advanced skill level, similar to real-world pilots. Club instructors are carefully chosen for their experience, and some hold or have held real-world private pilots' licences.

The Club runs informal Beginners Nights from time to time, as advertised on the Forum. On these occasions, help is given by fellow members rather than designated "instructors". There is also an essential social element of Club membership during these evenings with general chat via the Discord Channel.

We encourage all members to come onto the discord server when flying around Turkey; there is a VFR Club Hangar channel on the discord server, especially for this. You'll be able to meet and talk to other members who may be flying around simultaneously.