Membership Procedure


Now you are about to enter a fascinating world of virtual aviation. Please READ the following text carefully.

• Turkish Virtual is looking for skilled helicopter sim pilots. If you have never flown helicopters before or want to try, PLEASE do DON'T TRY and leave this page now. Helicopters are challenging to fly and very unstable, unlike fixed-wing aircraft. We want to have good helicopter pilots. Please think twice before applying.

• Turkish Virtual remains the right to REJECT any application without showing any reason.

• This service is an assignment and helicopter-type based service. If there is an operational and free helicopter, the pilot may request some assignments (2-4-6-8 legs and from 40 nm up to 200 nm lengths) or a free ride, take the helicopter, fly the missions and bring the helicopter back to its' base safely. (You don't need to get it back to the base on free rides)

• If the pilot has an accident during the flight, the incident will be recorded and be visible to everyone.

• During the assignment flights, you may divert to any airport, but your next assignment will have to be finalized at the destination airport after you divert. Otherwise, FDR-H will not allow you to send your flight report.

• Turkish Virtual Helicopter Division uses our unique program (FDR-H) to track helicopter flights. The Division management developed the program, and the other FDR, which is used for fixed-wing aircraft tracking, can not be used for helicopter flights. You need to download the FDR-H.

• If your application is accepted, you will undergo an observation phase. Your status will be 'TRAINEE' until your first tour of duty is completed. If you have any accidents during this phase, you will fail your orientation process and receive a REJECTION of your membership to the division. So please be careful with your flights.

• After the orientation phase (training & observation phase), if the pilots have more than two accidents/incidents, Turkish Virtual may end the pilot's licence without further notice.

• All student and F/O rank pilots are ALLOWED to make INTERNATIONAL flights.

• If the students select a helicopter based in another country, they may request a promotional ticket to the departure point by contacting the management. This is the only way they can reach the departure point. Misuse of this privilege may result in losing a helicopter pilot licence!