Abnormal Situations (Diverting)

Flights are to be operated between airports defined by the schedule info, however, from time to time you may have to divert to an alternative airport due to unforeseen circumstances (engine loss, gear failure etc). Should a pilot need to divert, the pilot in command should as far as possibly divert to an airport operated by Turkish Virtual Airlines.

In order for the flight to be approved when diverting, the pilot must:

write a comment explaining why and where they diverted, start a new flight using the same flight number to complete the flight to its scheduled destination.

Diversions are allowed if the pilot experiences one of the following:

The flight can be continued in a different leg by making use of the charter/schedule flights system.


If Turkish Virtual pilots need to divert in any situation that may arise, they must divert to the alternate airport provided to them by dispatch. Additionally, if they are diverted to another airport, a -60 penalty will be applied.