Charter Ring Tours

Turkish Virtual Airlines - Mission Oriented Charter Flights.

We've created a series of tours for each aircraft class which will take you on a journey discovering different parts of the world.

Tours are available and may be completed at your leisure. They can be found under the Charter Rings tab on our website and navigating to the Tours page.

There are several types of tours, ranging from visiting unique destinations, flying for specific airlines to completing tours relevant to specific aircraft types. Tour progression is shown by clicking the specific tour card, this will show the amount of legs flown as well as the eligible routes which can be flown.

To progress in the tour you must fulfill the requirements if there are any. This may range from using the correct airline to flying the correct aircraft type. After completion of a tour, you will usually receive a extra seniority points.

If you have any tour suggestions, please post them on the forum or create a support ticket. That way, we can incorporate them in future tours.


You can access the Mission Oriented Charter Flights page directly clicking this link.