You can reach settings from the button at the right top corner of main window.


Changing settings during a download and install process might cause unexpected errors.


Changing directories does not move any content from old directory to new directory. Do not forget to check the old directory after the change.


Save PID

Remember PID in login screen.

Clean Download and Extract Folders on Exit

Cleans download and extract folders when exiting the software.


This function will clean everything within these folders. Do not set download or extract folder to a shared location since software will delete everything in said location.


Add-on name

Add-on name presented to P3D. Also add-on's install directory in P3D add-ons folder.


This also determines installation directory for the add-on. Changing this will create a new addon ! And won't remove the old one. Changing this is not recommended.


"R" Buttons next to directories allows users to reset those directories to their default values.

P3D Add-ons

Default add-ons directory for P3D, generally add-ons directory is in your documents folder.

For P3Dv4 add-ons directory is \documents\prepar3d v4 add-ons.

This option should point to the correct P3D Add-ons directory for key TVSD features to work.


Directory to download scenery archives.


Directory to extract scenery archives to.


Extracted files will be moved to install directory after auto-installation. In cases where auto installation is not available, extracted files will stay under this directory for manual installation.


Directory to keep scenery libraries.