Downloading and Installing Sceneries

Click on download icon next to the scenery block for automatically download and install a scenery.

Software will download scenery archives, extract and scan for proper files, install the files in predetermined directory and activate them as an add-on to P3Dv4.


Some sceneries come with their own .exe installers. In this case TVSD will open the folder for these .exe files to allow you to continue installation manually.


After automatic installation sceneries will be active in add-on by default. But you can disable them without removing the scenery files. For further information check scenery states.

Scenery States

Scenery states are shown by the color codes left side of the scenery block.

Color State
Red Not installed
Yellow Installed but deactivated
Green Installed and active


add-on.xml support added to Microsoft FS family of products after Prepar3D v3. So activating / inactivating already installed sceneries is not possible with FSX or earlier Prepar3D versions.

However FSX still can be used with TVSD. In settings as install directory you can select addon scenery folder of FSX. Downloader will automatically unzip files to this directory. Then you can activate sceneries within FSX, as usual.

Other Simulators

Multi simulator settings with XPlane support is on the way. But for finalizing work we are waiting FS2020 SDK.