Scheduling & Dispatch Office

Scheduling information can be difficult to locate and maintain whilst we try and mirror the real world of Turkish Airlines.

Airways Timetable within the real world section of our operation we may sometimes be unable to include every flight and route offered by our real world counterpart as these are always subject to change.

Schedules are reviewed on a periodic basis and extra flights may be added or removed as required. The schedules provide detailed times and days of operation for each flight, but any flight can be operated at any time and on any day.

The information provided is only for completeness. The only things that must be correct when operating a flight is the airframe for the specific route and the livery. Pilots will always be notified of changes to any schedules within the forum, and by the Turkish Virtual Dispatcher Director.


If you spot an error in the schedules then please let us know by posting the error in the forum-dispatch office section.