Checkride Requirements

Checkride application policy set out as below;

  1. Choosing airports for the Checkride.
  2. F/O Checkride and Captain Checkride are taking at different places.
  3. Checkride application will be carried out in two parts. The first part will be meeting at Discord and meeting with the check controllers and the verbal information measuring section. In the second part, candidates will be applied to the flight section.
  4. Meeting at Discord will be carried out in Zulu time of starting and will be based on controllers and candidates meeting at Discord channel. Checkride department (check pilots) within themselves and again over Discord be making a coordination meeting, and so during these minutes, Discord invitations will not be made.
  5. After the check captains meeting is finished, candidates and controllers carry out their meetings, and they will start their activities. After a whole meeting, check controllers with their candidates at the same place may all start their exams or if they wish may do their exams as they meet one to one. This is a decision they will choose themselves.
  6. After the controllers notify them that their meetings have ended, candidates may start their flights on their indicated routes. Therefore, as always been done, flight procedures should begin by contacting ATCs. The flights and correspondence controlled through check controllers will not need to ask for every activity to the controller. Being online, the only instructions should be gained through ATCs during the airport.

  7. Expectations for F/O candidates:
    a. Verbal section:
    (1) Reading charts against the area to be flying at. (You need to use our website charts)
    (2) METAR Data
    (3) Route and fuel planning
    (4) General flight knowledge

    b. Application section:
    (1) Voice communications
    (2) Voice communications procedures
    (3) FDR Reports

  8. Expectations for captain candidates:
    a.b Verbal section:
    (1) Reading charts against the area to be flying at. (You need to use of our website charts)
    (2) METAR Data
    (3) Route and fuel planning
    (4) General flight knowledge

    b.Application Section:
    (1) Voice communications
    (2) Voice communications procedures
    (3) FDR report
    (4) Reactions against various faults

  9. Additionally, If ATC's decide to give a verbal or written report against any candidates, will be considered to importance.

  10. After activities have been carried out, the decision to re-meet with the check controllers at Discord will be decided during the meeting between the candidates and the controllers.

  11. Exam results will be sent to participating pilot's email address the next day.
  12. For Exam groups, check controllers and candidates; there are no allocated gate numbers. You can choose any gate to start at your departure airport.
  13. All candidates should strengthen their contact by mail with their check controller and state their contact information.
  14. If your chosen gate is complete, it should start at another gate which has not been stated.
  15. At the FS2004 and FSX, staying for too long without action may end the program by giving an error. This situation arises from scenery errors where using all of the virtual memory leads to as memory not enough error. If candidates wish to, they may, to gain more time, will keep their simulators switched on and ready during Discord meetings. However, this again is a decision they should make for themselves.
  16. All candidates will download and use the charts on Turkish Virtual website, charts section. Downloading Scenery is the responsibility of the candidates. They may wish to download whichever Scenery they want.

Promotional Tickets

Our activities such as event and c ride are also required for the pilots to carry themselves to the departure airports, which are also mentioned in these events. Tickets will be sent to our candidates. You can view and use these promotional tickets via our website. These tickets are real-time flights, and you must calculate your flight time to LTFM, which is the departure area of the c ride activity, and you have to be there at least two hours before the c ride. Therefore, we kindly ask you to evaluate this time well.

The system will automatically cancel unused tickets after two days of the checkride.

In addition, a separate ticket is allocated to the candidates after the c ride, and you will be able to carry yourself back to the airport as you wish. For example, if you were doing a tour around the world and had to return to the airport for the c ride, you can use this ticket after the c ride to move yourself to the airport where you want to return and continue your tour from where you left off. Students are limited to domestic returns only. These tickets are limited until after the checkride, and my advice is to remember to return immediately after checkride, that is if you want to return, using this ticket.


Just to make sure... You can download the charts via our website which will be used on the Checkride day.

Please note that the c captains will have these charts in hand, and you have to use the same charts on the checkride day. You can download these charts from the address I mentioned; you can start to review them now and have them ready for the c ride day.

Discord Server Information

How to get connected:
Discord channel can be downloaded free of charge here.
Join to Turkish Virtual Airlines Discord channel.
Regarding your Discord questions please contact us via board of administrators.


Checkride application will be made via this form.


All applications must be correctly sent to the application form. To attend checkride, you must have enough seniority and must have passed the (F/O-Captain) theory test.

Any applications announced by Facebook groups, discord and forums will not be considered.

You can download Turkish Virtual Checkride Principles via the link.

For more Information about examination system please visit here.

We wish all candidates good luck.