Checkride Principles

This form is prepared to inform our Turkish Virtual pilot's necessary information on how this exam will be set. This examination will be in both written and practical exams; Turkish Virtual pilots who wish to pass to a higher rank must enter this exam. These principles will be applied up until the managers agree upon a change.


Due to the Turkish Virtual Rules, checkride application specified in the brochure link is only available for entrance for those pilots which reach the seniority point level.


Checkride application is made up by 3 sections which include examinations in the form of written exam, oral exam and a controlled flight.

Written exam

They are made up of 40 questions for the F/O candidates and 50 questions for Captain Pilot candidates, prepared in the form of multiple-choice questions. The exam system will appear completely automatic in the future due to the developments currently being made on our homepage. However, now, pilots of reaching the essential seniority points and applying after hearing will receive the test. For the test, the allocated time will be 40 minutes for the F/O candidates and 50 minutes for the Captain Pilot candidates. The examinations, as before, have been prepared in English. For every checkride application, entrance to exams can only be made once. The passing mark for the exam being 60 being achieved will result in sitting the 2nd stage, consisting of a written exam and control flight. Within the checkride period, if candidates get above 60 points for the written exam but fail to pass the control flight and, in turn, cannot pass the checkride, the candidates may wish to use these points in other exam periods. On the other hand, candidates who achieve below 60 in the written exam and cannot pass the checkride with the addition of their points will need to resit the next written exam for the checkride.

Oral Exam

Directors of the Turkish Virtual will inform the checkride date and time, stated with the chosen control pilots and candidates who will meet up on skype or Facebook through communication by voice. Upon the first meeting, with the starter of the control pilots' questions, the oral examination will start. The content of the oral exam will be based on the map of the route, SID-STAR application, and basic aeronautical information to be measured.

Control Flight

The candidate pilot will carry out their flight according to the chosen route. Control pilots will follow the voice communications carried out with ATC during the flight. If ATC is not found; in this situation, the candidates written reports will be looked upon. F/O candidates will not be situated in an emergency. However, Captain Pilot candidates will be situated in an emergency, and their reactions being looked upon. FDR points will be added to the average results at the end of the flight.

''For the candidates to gain entrance to an upper rank; the following issues will be affecting their points'':

General flight quality score

Until the exam night, for all the flights that have been made, the average quality value for the F/O candidates is 5%, and for Captain Pilot, 10% will be taken. The difference is due to new student pilots within our site who usually have a low-quality score on their first flight.

Checkride FDR Score

Only for the checkride flight made the points given by FDR will also be taken into account. For the F/O candidates, 15% for the Captain Pilot candidates, and 10%. It is essential in flying very carefully and be cautious not to get any penalties from the FDR on that night.

Control Pilots conviction (50%)

Every candidate given to the control pilot will use conviction and be given a score between 0-and 100. If, on exam night, ATCs send notes against candidates, this will affect their points.

Voice Communications (15%)

Candidates who do voice communications will gain 15 points, whereas those that do not will only get 0. Being Turkish Virtual, we have decided to remove the voice communication problems as one of the biggest problems within our airspace. 15 points is usually an effective score. Nowadays, there are not any computers without sound cards; however, if there are, it is usually quite impossible to do flights on that pc. It is not quite so challenging to obtain a low-cost microphone.

Event Participation (15%)

At certain times, public events held by the Turkish Virtual, unfortunately, show that participation in the activities is low. Especially our pilots in the student pilot rank; almost none of them are joining. These events are an opportunity to meet other pilots and have more pleasure and experience. Additionally, the regulation of these events is being given time and effort by our on-duty operators. Therefore, the night the checkride application is carried out and before within the last month, any events to be joined by our pilots will gain 15 points. Pilots that do not participate will not be given any issues. From the joining candidates, as proof of participation in these events, they will be asked for their FDR reports. Any candidates that do participate in this event but do not for any reason show their flight reports will not gain any points. Eventually, every month at least 4 times events are being made. It is thought that for at least one of them, and FDR report can be taken.

In summary, for the written subjects

Candidates get at least 60, and if they get 80 for the oral and application parts of the checkride, they are regarded as successful.

Example Calculation Table 4. Depending on the above table (Produced for the F/O candidates as an example table);


As understood from the examples above, there are many criteria to focus on to become successful such as; quality flights, voice communications, participation in events and a high level of knowledge. During checkride, due to closing the engine and from emergencies, the candidate may need to land with high speed or low flaps as aircraft procedures require. In this case, penalties may be given partly by the FDR. As for this penalty, if then arises a situation in which you may fail the exam, the rate of penalty points will be added separately to the candidate's total score, which will come in the candidate's favour.