Mission Statement

About Turkish Virtual:

Turkish Virtual is the oldest Virtual Airline in Turkey. Since its inception in 2001, Turkish Virtual has provided innovative ideas that have set new standards in Virtual Aviation. Turkish Virtual is a virtual airline that simulates passenger flights around the globe. We strive to provide our Flight Simulation enthusiasts with the high-quality simulation of airline operations based on VATSIM Virtual Air Traffic Network.

Our mission is to provide high quality, realistic, virtual aviation experience to all flight sim enthusiasts. We will help pilots of all skills, ages, races and sex to achieve their full potential as virtual airline pilots.

Turkish Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with real-world Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Virtual is a non-profit hobby organization with no ties to real-world airlines or organizations.

Airline Information

Airline Name/Year Airline Code
Radio Callsign: Turkish IATA Code: TK
Established: February 2001 ICAO Code: THY
Active Time: 20 years ago Network: VATSIM

Website & Forums:

The official Turkish Virtual website is located at ''http://www.turkishvirtual.com'' The website contains all the necessary information about operations, flight statistics, current flights, news, notes and events. However, user registration is required to access most of the available information.

Turkish Virtual has its support forum, which can be accessed via Main Menu or by the following link: ''http://www.turkishvirtual.com/forum''

The forums contain a wealth of information about Turkish Virtual. Staff will also answer any questions posted there, as will other members of the Virtual Turkish community. If your problem is not specific to the Turkish Virtual team, e.g. flight sim related problems, posting in the forum will give you the best response, as it combines the power of our large membership base at Turkish Virtual.

Staff Team:

Our staff members are there to help you in any way they can. All of our staff members are listed on the website. However, please do not contact a staff member directly. Instead, create a support ticket such that the correct person will handle your support request at once.

Please refrain from sending direct messages/private messages to staff members unless your issue is pressing or if you require additional support that can not be provided through a support ticket. This allows staff members to keep private and VA matters separate.

Human Resources:

The Human Resources department deals with all membership submitted to Turkish Virtual and also any account problems our members are facing with Turkish Virtual.

The department is also responsible for issuing awards to our members.

Dispatch Department:

The Dispatched department is responsible for our fleet, flight schedules and tours. They are also responsible for ensuring that our data on airports, aircraft, and flights are up to date.

Online Operations and Events:

The Online Operations department liaises Vatsim online network we are affiliated with; VATSIM. They monitor all Turkish Virtual activity on the Vatsim network as well.

The department is also responsible for ensuring that all online events are properly organized and promoted and liaising with the Vatsim network to arrange air traffic control.

We also organise regular group events. These events are ideal for pilots who wish to practice flying in an ‘online’ environment.

Fleet / Downloads:

The Fleet and Downloads department is responsible for all downloads on the website, including the aircraft repaints and sceneries that we offer.

Marketing & Communications:

The Marketing & Communications department is responsible for ensuring that people who have never heard of Turkish Virtual in the flight sim community do! They are also responsible for maintaining our social media presence.

Training Academy:

The Training Department is responsible for all the training content available on Turkish Virtual. This includes the documentation that we supply and the courses we offer.

Website & FDR Systems:

The Web and FDR Systems (IT Department) is responsible for keeping the website, Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and forum running and fixing any bugs on the website.

Contact Us Page:

Use this page for any general enquiries you have regarding Turkish Virtual. This inbox gets checked regularly (at least daily) by staff members. Select the appropriate department and enter your details to contact a staff member. Your query will be answered as soon as possible.

Please be sure to send your inquiries to the relevant department only.

If you are a Turkish Virtual member, please log in to our website before contacting our staff.

Members are encouraged to use the Turkish Virtual Forums whenever possible.

Turkish Virtual Airlines has a very active forum community that contains a wealth of exciting and helpful information. If you have a question, you are probably not the only one (or the first!). If you have general questions, comments, problems, or suggestions that you feel the community should know (or can help with), making a post on the open forums is a great idea (don't forget that everyone, including non-members, can see the forums, so please don't post sensitive information). If you have a specific or private question, you can use the forums to e-mail or send a private message to a member. Click on the 'Members' link at the top of the page and find the username of the member you're looking for.

FDR Report Form:

Use this page to report FDR problems and any problems you may be having with Turkish Virtual that does not concern only yourself, e.g. wrong information on pages, broken website pages, functions which are supposed to work but don’t, etc. This section should also be used to report errors with routes and any issues with website systems, our flight data recorder software.


Turkish Virtual Airlines is a multinational company; there is no place for racism at Turkish Virtual. It will not be tolerated. Anyone who is racist will be banned from forums, discord, and our social groups and have their pilot accounts deleted. There are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever.

Terrorism and Misuse:

Since the tragic events of the September 11th attacks in 2001, the nation has become much more sensitive to commercial aircraft and aviation. Flying is a safe and enjoyable experience that terrorists cannot take away from us. By joining Turkish Virtual, you understand that our website and organization are for hobbyist purposes only. Any suspicious behaviour will be considered a real threat to the safety of our members and will be reported directly and without hesitation to the Federal Government of Turkey. No exceptions will be made.