Membership Prerequisites

Turkish Virtual is open to any virtual pilot who;

  1. Is older than 15 years.
  2. Is a member of the VATSIM network.
  3. Require a minimum of 50 Hours' worth of flight time on Vatsim or Ivao networks.
  4. The pilot must have Flight Simulator "FS2004 (FS9), FSX, FSX-SE, Prepar3D or X-Plane."
  5. FDR is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems but not MAC.
  6. Members must use their full name when registering as a Pilot. Incomplete, incorrect or misleading information will result in the termination of the account.
  7. The ability to fly for Turkish Virtual once every 30 days. (See Termination below)
  8. The pilot must submit their real identity. (No nicknames or callsigns are permitted)
  9. A pilot WILL be required to sit an entrance examination. See Examination System.
  10. The username and password provided to you are your exclusive membership identification. You may not give permission or knowingly allow your username or password to be used by anyone else.
  11. Members are to, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another. No threats, harassment or un-warranted comments are not to be directed at any member under any circumstances.
  12. Members represent the Turkish Virtual Airlines community when accessing other external sources on the Internet. Members should be made aware that they should not undertake any action that would bring harm to the reputation of Turkish Virtual Airlines, including, but not limited to, misrepresenting oneself to another organisation, breaking the rules and guidelines of another organisation, or making derogatory statements about Turkish Virtual Airlines.
  13. All members are entitled to one account only. More than one account will result in being permanently banned from Turkish Virtual.
  14. The correct aircraft and livery must be used for all flights.
  15. Has a desire for realism in virtual flight.
  16. Administrators of other VAs cannot accept the Turkish Virtual membership.
  17. Completed a membership application form.

General Data Protection

Please read EU's New General Data Protection Regulation GDPR 25/05/2018 before applying for your membership.

Some of our Features/Services

Turkish Virtual provides members with a fully automated Virtual Airline Environment and is designed for all experience levels of Flight Simulator.

  1. A Fully Automated Crew system for logging Flight Reports and updating personal details.
  2. Unique Flight Tracking software (FDR) which can detect pros and cons during the flight, exclusively developed for Turkish Virtual for use by our members.
  3. REAL schedules/cargo covering an extensive variety of destinations around the World.
  4. LIVE Dispatch services for our pilots.
  5. Fully automated Examination systems.
  6. Realtime Jumpseat transfer system, a pilot transfers their friends upon their request, from their last position to somewhere else.
  7. Monthly assignments given by the management or random based assignments upon pilot's request.
  8. Complete an Incomplete Assignment System.
  9. Seniority system.
  10. Engine failures given by the training officers.
  11. FDR Crash Detector.
  12. Random emergency failure systems.
  13. Company message transaction via FDR.
  14. Training by the REAL pilots.
  15. (Charter Ring Tours) We've created a series of tours for each aircraft class which will take you on a journey of discovering different parts of the World.

Vatsim Policy

  1. Pilots must follow the VATSIM Code of Conduct at all times while connected to the VATSIM Network, found here: VATSIM Code of Conduct
  2. Pilots must log on under the Flight number they are flying or their Pilot ID when connecting to the VATSIM Network.
  3. Pilots must show maturity and are reminded to display the highest level of professionalism towards other members when connected to the VATSIM Network both inside and outside Turkish Virtual. Our online reputation is represented whenever a pilot is connected to the VATSIM network.
  4. Pilots must file a fully completed VATSIM flight plan for each flight, including the proper remarks, route, and other required information.
  5. Pilots must maintain and adhere to all Air Traffic Controller clearances and instructions about the aircraft during all stages of flight. However, a pilot assigned as pilot-in-command of a flight may exercise exception to this clause with reasonable justification in ensuring the safe operation of the aircraft.
  6. Pilots must comply with all supervisor requests as detailed in the VATSIM Code of Regulations, found here: VATSIM Code of Regulations.
  7. Pilots are strongly reminded that while connected to the VATSIM Network, they are to ensure that the Turkish Virtual Airlines name is upheld to the best of their ability. Other pilots, Air Traffic Controllers or VATSIM Supervisors, always watch what you say and do and judge your performance accordingly.


All pilots wishing to seek employment as a virtual pilot with Turkish Virtual must complete the application process. This process is as follows;

  1. Complete and submit the application form. (Pilot Application Form)
  2. The information supplied will be compared with VATSIM registration and forwarded to the administration.
  3. Administration will evaluate the application and e-mail the applicant about the result.

Please note the application process usually takes two days but can take longer during holidays and the summer season.

Expected Behaviour

Pilots are expected to present themselves professionally when they represent Turkish Virtual. This includes flights online, participation in online events, and postings on forums. Any breach of these requirements will result in disciplinary action.

Prior Experience

All pilots start with zero hours and the rank of Trainee. Turkish Virtual does not transfer hours flown on another network or virtual airline. However, real-life aviation experience might lower the required seniority level and waive the practical check-rides and written exams; please indicate your real-world experience in your application form.

Flying on multiple airlines simultaneously

Flying on multiple airlines simultaneously is strictly prohibited and will lead to denial of all flights. It leads to highly inflated and unrealistic flight hours. Being a member of various VA's simultaneously is permitted; however, flying on multiple VA's will be denied all flights.

Membership will be deleted if these flights are continued after the warning.


Pilot duties include maintaining profile and contact information with up to date information, improving piloting and communication skills and flying assigned flight duties each month.

The pilot's responsibility is to maintain a current e-mail address in their profile; you have to have a valid e-mail address to receive critical information about your account.

Aviation has two official languages; English and French. English is the most used aviation language worldwide, and all pilots are encouraged to learn as much aviation English as possible. However, new pilots with zero to little English knowledge are allowed to communicate in Turkish on local Flights.

All pilots are assigned one or two domestic/international flights to be flown with specific aircraft. Assignment Flights are given monthly and are expected to be passed by the end of the month. All pilots must fly their assigned flights monthly as the assignment flights can not be cancelled or marked as flown.

Rank and Promotions

Pilot rank is based on the total seniority point, Written and Practical tests. However, Turkish Virtual does not transfer hours flown on another network or virtual airline. All new pilots start with zero-hour flight time and zero seniority points. All the hours displayed on a pilot's profile reflect the time and dedication they have graciously provided to our VA.

The pilot ranking structure and requirements are listed in the following table;


Pilot accounts without flight activity in the last 90 days are marked as "INACTIVE". Inactive accounts can be activated automatically by sending a flight report via Turkish Virtual Flight Recorder. Accounts without flight activity in the past six months are suspended and subject to automatic removal from the database without any notification. In cases that contradict the Turkish Virtual rules, the administration can immediately delete the memberships without any warning or explanation to the member.


All pilots have the right to appeal a suspension or Dismissal. A pilot must forward an e-mail to the Turkish Virtual Management at Contact Us requesting an appeal to initiate the appeal process. The CEO will convene the disciplinary review committee to hear the appeal.

New Pilots

  1. Your first flight at Turkish Virtual must be completed within 14 days of your acceptance date.
  2. If you have difficulties with using our system, please e-mail us as soon as possible so that we can assist you.
  3. If you do not contact us, our system will automatically delete you from our database.
  4. You will not be entitled to any leave of absence until you have served 90 days as an active pilot.


No matter how virtual it is, Turkish Virtual and VATSIM is real and living social platforms, and all members are required to practice common civil rules. In a case of conflict with this concept, Turkish Virtual reserves the right to remove any member from it's forums, social media groups and/or database without notification and/or explanation at any time.

Discord Policy

Turkish Virtual provides a Discord server for its members and guests. With Discord, you can use voice chat to keep in contact with other VA pilots who are connected. This server is freely used by the member of the Turkish Virtual pilot who adheres to the following rules:


  1. Do not use temporary discord accounts to log in to our discord server. Register with your e-mail to obtain a persistent discord account.
  2. Everyone should use their full first and last name or PID (ex: THY4100). You can right-click your name in the user list at the right to change your nickname on this server. Convention:

  3. Treat each other with mutual respect. Don't threaten, harass or belittle other users.

  4. Users must respect that junior members use this Discord server, and abusive/rude/impolite language will not be tolerated.
  5. Sharing illegal information, such as pirated software, is strictly prohibited.
  6. Adhere to instructions from the staff. Staff is recognised by the role tag when you click on their username.


  1. Do not use @everyone ping unless you need it. You can use the @here tag since it pings online users only.
  2. Virtual Turkish members must respect the use of the "In Flight" area on the server; this is a minimal talk area used for flying and communicating with Air Traffic Control on vatsim.
  3. Avoid unnecessary noise. Use push to talk as long as it is impossible to do so.
  4. You can use English or Turkish as long as it is understandable to everyone in the conversation. Do not hide behind language barriers to purposely exclude other users out.


  1. Turkish Virtual Pilots, use proper channels for Turkish Virtual related conversations. Do not forget, UNICOM is open to our guests. Ignoring this rule might cause you to lose access to our Discord server or UNICOM channel.


  1. All data transmitted is logged. Abuse of this service will result in termination of use of this service and Turkish Virtual Airlines.
  2. Discord server is up and running 24/7. The Discord Channel service is owned and operated by Turkish Virtual Airlines.

Final Note

Each application is checked manually.

Therefore, the processing time depends on the number of submitted applications. Usually, you should receive a reply by e-mail within 48 hours. However, we ask you to be patient if it takes a longer time.

If your application has been accepted, you receive the necessary exam login data with that e-mail. If your application has not been accepted, you will be informed by e-mail.


Ready to join our ranks?

After reading all of the above, please proceed to our application form below if you are still interested in joining. Turkish Virtual provides enjoyment for over 3.400 members worldwide, busy & informative forums, and a great sense of community.

*: Please click this link to proceed with the application form.