Penalties on the ground - Runway - TakeOff

a. Penalty for dangerously moving away from the centreline during the takeoff roll, skidding off the runway:
It is penalised when the airplane cannot be kept on the runway while accelerating on the runway for takeoff and slips to the sides. (New)

b. Dangerous landing, away from the centreline in the Landing Roll, the penalty for skidding off the runway:
It is taken when the aircraft cannot be kept on the runway and slides to the sides while rolling on the runway after landing. (New)

c. Penalty for not taking off from the runway:
It is taken for take-offs without entering the runway. (New)

d. Penalty for not landing on the runway:
It is taken when the wheel laying is not made in on a runway. (New)

e. Penalty for a late touchdown on the runway:
On the descent, if the runway length is longer than 3000 m, to the first 1000 m, If the runway length is shorter than 3,000 m, it is obligatory to touchdown to the 1/3 of the runway length without exceeding it. (New)

f. Penalty for Overspeed on the ground:
Groundspeed is 185 kts on landing or take off at airports with a runway elevation of less than 6000 ft. At airports with a runway elevation above 6000 ft, if the ground speed exceeds 200 knots on landing or take-off. (New)

g. Penalty for not holding the wings steady until the first 200 ft (Dept AAL) on takeoff:
No turns should be made immediately after takeoff; the wings must be held stationary until the first 200 ft. There is tolerance up to 5 degrees. Not required on VFR flights. (New)

h. Penalty for runway excursion on the landing:
It is taken as a result of the aircraft not being able to stop on time, finishing the runway, and not stopping at the end of the runway and leaving the runway. This penalty is taken if the speed is over 40 kts (GS). (New)