Identification As a virus

This program does not contain malware or viruses!

Unfortunately, the "Windows Defender" program detects the "TurkishFDRv5.exe" file as a virus or malware after installation. Many small programmers suffer from this problem, and this problem is generally defined by calling the program "false positive". (You can find detailed information on this subject on the internet).

To overcome this problem...
- Install the program.
- If Windows Defender deletes the EnglishFDRv5.exe file after installation, open "Windows defender security centre".
- Open the "Virus and Threat Protection" menu.
- Open the "Virus and Threat Protection Settings" menu.
- Open the "EXCLUSIONS" menu.
- Add the folder where FDR was installed to the EXCLUSIONS list.
- Run the setup program again and reinstall the program. FDR will no longer be detected as a threat.