I Cannot See My Assigned Flights

FDR is currently listing all the flights that you can take from the airport in which you are located at. Besides, please keep in mind that, you can see your assignment flights on the top of the window in the schedule flights section of FDR (if you have any).

For example, if you have an assignment from LTAC Ankara to LTCG Trabzon airport, but your location is currently at LTFM Istanbul airport and your assignment departure airport is Ankara (LTAC), you will first have to fly to Ankara or use any transfer or jumpseat system and then you will see your assignment flights on the FDR when you're in Ankara airport (LTAC).

The assignment flights given to you can only be viewed on the FDR if you are in the assignment flight departure airport. If you are not located at the assignment flight departure airport, you will not be able to see your assignment flights on the FDR.


You can select or create more than one assignment flight system and then fly. The most important one of the assignment flight are sent by the system (management) and these are the tasks that are sent by the system on the first day of each month and must be flown.

Apart from these, there are also other assignment flights that you can decide to choose for yourself. You can view these assignment flights under airport transfers in the website menu and choose which assignment flight you want to fly with.