How to load payload to X-Plane, Zibo aircraft

There are a few things to know about payloads regarding X-Plane, Zibo (B738).

Accordingly, while loads payloads to your aircraft on X-Plane, Zibo, you need to use Zibo's own EFB. In the EFB payload menu, at the bottom of the screen, when you start the aircraft for the first time, total payload 0 is written. You can load the desired payload onto your aircraft over this number. As another way, you can also increase your payload by clicking on the seats via EFB.

FDR will not recognize the payloads you will make to your aircraft with the flight plans you are entering to your aircraft's FMC or via other websites. It will detect your plane as empty and will not load enough passengers on this plane.

For this reason, you only need to load payloads in this way for X-Plane, Zibo (B738) aircraft.