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Reduced vertical separation minimum, RVSM of China - Briefing and introduction of CHINA RVSM AIRSPACE

Metric RVSM implemented in the Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Wuhan, Lanzhou, Urumqi FIRs and Sector AR01 (Island airspace) of the Sanya CTA between 8900m (FL291) and 12500m (FL411) inclusive. The airspace between 8900m (FL291) and 12500m (FL411) is defined as RVSM airspace. China RVSM airspace is exclusive RVSM airspace; aircraft that are not RVSM compliant may not operate into China RVSM airspace between 8900m (FL291) and 12500m (FL411).

Flight Level Allocation Scheme (FLAS)

China RVSM Flight Level Allocation Scheme (FLAS) is based on Metric Flight Level. ATC will issue the Flight Level clearance in meters, the aircraft shall be flown using the flight level in FEET. There will be no change in flight level allocations and operations at 8400m (FL276) or below in non RVSM airspace.

Pilots should be aware that due to the rounding differences, the metric readout of the onboard avionics will not necessarily correspond to the cleared Flight Level in meters; however the difference will never be more than 30 meters. Aircraft equipped with metric and feet altimeters shall use the feet altimeter within RVSM flight level band

Table of Flight Level Allocation

Aircraft equipped with the altimetry system not capable of flying in FEET shall not flight plan in RVSM airspace.


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