Delivery Flights

Delivery flights are flights performed by newly delivered aircraft.

When the official Turkish Airlines buy a new aircraft and fly them to Istanbul/Turkey, some of our pilots request to make the same flight at the same time as the real flight.

With this new flight type, it is now possible.

The management board will declare on the main web page that a new aircraft will be brought and will ask for volunteering pilots; then, they will make a selection among those pilots. The selected pilot will be given a deadline to accomplish the flight. If they complete the delivery before the deadline, they will be awarded +3 extra seniority as a bonus. If not, the flight will be deleted from their duty roster, and the pilot will receive a penalty ticket.

The delivery flight is a silent flight on which the cabin announcements will not be heard. Besides, the number of pax on board will be '6', which is the number of the crew on board required for delivery, the aircraft's weight will not matter on pax calculation. The selected pilot will be given a promotion ticket to help the pilot reach the aircraft's production facility.

FDR will not produce any emergencies during the delivery flights.