Aircraft Categories

On the IAL charts you will find different minima for aircrafts of category B,C,D and L. This is due to different speeds and thus different turn and climb capabilities due to aircraft weight (or mass). The picture right is the lower part of the IAL chart for RWY 26 at ESSA. Even if there is one category A, the charts from SAS will not include this. The charts are specially made to fit a major Airline.

Aircraft categorization for procedure design

The following table indicates the specified range of aircraft (IAS in KT) for procedure design.
Five categories of aircraft are established based on 1.3 times stall speed in the landing configuration at maximum certified landing mass.

Cat Vth* IAS Range Init App IAS Range Final App Max IAS Circling IAS Missed App
Int        Final
A < 90 90 - 150 70 - 100 100 100 110
B 91 - 120 120 - 180 85 - 130 135 130 150
C < 91 90 - 150 70 - 100 100 100 110

* Turkish Virtual Education Department.

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