FDR will monitor the aircraft and your movements throughout the flight. FDR, which receives and processes data from the aircraft at least 10 times per second;

(1) When it realises that the aircraft has changed in the middle of the flight,

(2) When fuel is added and reduced after the boarding phase (fuel can be taken while boarding),

(3) In the event that the position of the aircraft is suddenly changed abnormally,

(4) When an abnormal altitude gain or descent is made suddenly,

(5) When slew is done,

(6) When the simulation is accelerated or slowed down more than 1x,

(7) When the simulation is stopped for more than 60 seconds (including switching to the menus)

(8) When no response is received from FSUIPC (60sec),

(9) When it cannot find a valid flight plan for 20 minutes,

(10) When you do not connect to VATSIM for 20 minutes,

(11) It will automatically disqualify your flight when you turn off the simulation before turning off the FDR.

(12) In addition, your flight may be disqualified by remote command by Turkish Virtual board members who are watching you for reasons such as detecting an abnormal situation, endangering others' flights due to non-compliance with the rules, etc.