What X-Plane users need to know !

(a) A similar program for FSUIPC is available for XPlane, designed to retrieve data from FS2004, FSX, p3d and MSFS simulations. This software, called XPUIPC, allows receiving data from your aircraft and reading this data by FDR, just like FSUIPC. Unlike FSUIPC, the XPUIPC program is open source software, designed by volunteers within the XPlane community, and is completely free.

(b) The FSUIPC program; While reading data defined as standard “offsets” in FS2004, FSX, p3d and MSFS simulations, XPUIPC program reads data defined as “dataref” from XPlane. The XPUIPC program is a must-have program for XPlane simulation to work with third software such as FDR.

(c) Since it was designed as open source code, there are still many different versions of the XPUIPC program available on various web pages. In order to use the XPlane and FDR program in unison, make sure to use the XPUIPC program that we have given you in the FDR installation package. For this;

(I) Install FlywithLua plugin first in XPlane/Resources/Plugins folder. You can get this plugin from the website, https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/.

(II) Place the file named FDR.lua given to you in the FDR installation package into the XPlane/Resources/Plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts folder. This small file does not contain any malware and is constantly updated by us as new aircraft software is released. Thanks to this small program, datarefs produced by XPlane aircraft are translated into a language that FDR can understand.

(III) Place the XPUIPC folder given to you in the FDR installation package into the XPlane/Resources/Plugins folder. Remember: The XPUIPC program we give you is the version of XPlane and FDR with a special code added by us to work in unison. It does not contain any malware and must be installed for FDR to work in unison with XPlane.