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Turkish Virtual application form and joining precedures.

Turkish Virtual has two main divisions and recruits its' pilots according to these divisions.

First division is 'Airline Division' and the other is 'Helicopter Division'.

The flight operations in Airline Division are conducted by a unique program which is called 'FDR', while the Helicopter Division uses 'FDR-H'.

If you want to fly with fixed wing aircraft such as airliners or all other types of fixed wing aircraft then you may apply to be recruited in Airline Division, but if you don't want to fly fixed wing aircraft then you may also apply to be recruited in Helicopter Division.

However, if you choose to join the Airline Division you may also apply to Helicopter Division later and you may fly both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

When you are a pilot of Airline Division you will receive 2 or 3 legs of monthly mandatory assignment flights every month.

If you are recruited in Helicopter Division as 'Helicopter Pilot Only' you will not recive any mandatory assignments but you will not be able to use FDR as well. You will only be able to use FDR-H for helicopter flights.

The options you would like to be recruited as it is:

Terms & Conditions

By submitting the form you declare that;


If you do not accept any of these conditions listed above, please DO NOT proceed to apply for Turkish Virtual.


Your Name, Surname, E-Mail Address and VATSIM ID will be cross checked.

Additional Information / Comments Section

Please do not hesitate to add your comments in the comments section. We need to know what you expect from Turkish Virtual.

If you have any real life aviation experience, please mention it here while applying to Turkish Virtual.