Flight Plan Verification System

FDR & Vatsim Flight Plan Verification System

FDR does not allow for offline flights. From the moment Pushback begins, if you cannot connect to the VATSIM servers or if you do connect but cannot obtain a valid flight plan – every 5 minutes, you will receive a warning, on the 5th warning; your flight will be disqualified.

Flight Plan Not Found !

Only being connected to Vatsim and just sending any flight plan is not enough.

If the plan cannot be found:

and if found but has errors on plan:

warning will be received.

Throughout the flight duration, you must ensure that there is connection available for both your aircraft’s internet connection and Vatsim connection. The Vatsim connection can be checked by clicking the refresh button below the Vatsim menu. However, as of the pushback – if a plan is not found each time after a refresh; the tolerance of 5 amounts would be reduced by one.

It has been observed that; sometimes the vatsim servers, which help the FDR to check if the pilot flies online or the pilot has a valid flight plan, have problems or malfunctions. As a result of these malfunctionings, which FDR has no relation (it's all about Vatsim), FDR gives you a warning like Flight Plan Not Found.

Please do not care these warnings and keep flying without refreshing the vatsim data.

Be aware that one or two vatsim servers out of five to six servers is/are on a problem, the FDR will find another working server on its next check runs.

Besides, FDR allows you to fly without a proper flight plan for 25 minutes. If all of the vatsim servers are ever are down, then the Turkish Virtual management will, of course, put the system back up online and will stop the flight plan controls, as well as the online flight checks until the problems are resolved by vatsim.

Apart from the control over the FDR, there is another control system running through the website:

This is called FDR & Vatsim Flight Plan Verification System.

The control purpose of this system is that FDR will constantly check your flight plan on the Vatsim. During this check one or more of the problems mentioned below may occur;

Your flight will be marked with the colour red on the main web page. If you ignore these warnings, your flight will either be disqualified or you will receive a -60 Penalty points.

As you can see in the picture below, a flight is marked in red. This means that one or more of the problems mentioned above have occurred.

Please CLICK on your flight marked in red to see what problem has occurred!

Flight plan not found on Vatsim:

If you get a message stating the flight plan could not be found, please read the explanations on this subject immediately.

Errors in ICAO codes:

Your departure location and destination ICAO codes are not the same as the flight you have selected on vatsim and FDR.

As shown the picture below on the website, departure ICAO code in FDR and departure code entered in Vatsim are not the same. When you see this error, you must correct the incorrect ICAO code on your Vatsim plan as soon as possible. Otherwise, FDR will disqualify your flight after giving you 5 alerts every 5 minutes within 25 minutes.

The error you see in the picture above is displayed on the website system. When you look over the FDR, you can see the same error on the picture below.

The error you see in the picture above is displayed on the website system. When you look over the FDR, you can see the same error on the picture below.

  1. The FDR cannot get the flight plan from Vatsim for the reason mentioned above.

  2. The ICAO code must be correct for the destination EGKK. But instead, EGLL was entered by mistake.

  3. Since the FDR cannot find the flight plan due to the ICAO code error, the flight plan not found message will appear on the FDR. This warning message will continue to appear as long as the ICAO code is not validated and will result in flight disqualification, if the ICAO code is not corrected.

The correct and must-have flight plan is shown on the VPilot client in the picture below. The departure and destination airport ICAO's seem to have been entered correctly as shown on the vatsim flight plan. After entering the ICAOs correctly, FDR will get this information from vatsim in about 2-3 minutes and then will remove all notifications from the FDR screen and the alert also will disappear from the website.

Errors or not entered Alternate ICAO codes:

Pilots should always search for & file an alternative airport.

Recommended company alternate airports are specified on the flight dispatch page under the Crew Centre for all our flights. However, if you are flying a tour flight or non-schedule flight, you may need to search and enter an alternate airport on your flight plan yourself.

Flights are to be operated between airports defined by the schedule info, however, from time to time you may have to divert to an alternative airport due to unforeseen circumstances (engine loss, gear failure etc). Should a pilot need to divert, the pilot in command should, as far as possible, divert to an airport operated by Turkish Virtual Airlines.

In the real world, legislation gives some exemptions from this (such as during certain good weather conditions, multiple runways & short flights) however, most real-world carriers make it a policy to always file alternatives.

For all the reasons stated above, Turkish Virtual pilots have to correctly enter the alternative airport ICAO in the vatsim flight plan.

In another picture below, you see an incorrect alternate airport ICAO warning that was entered incorrectly this time.

In another picture below, you see an incorrect alternate airport ICAO warning that was entered incorrectly this time.

In order to allow you to enter the correct ICAO code, the ICAO codes of the correct alternate airports for the destination airport are given to you in the list below. An ICAO code of your choice from this list will allow you to choose the correct alternative airport. After entering the selected ICAO code the warnings you have received will be removed automatically.

You will continue to receive this notice on the website until the invalid ICAO (shown in the picture below) is fixed on the vatsim flight plan.

After entering the alternate airport ICAO on the Vatsim flight plan or entering the correct one, if it was wrong, the warning will disappear on the website. After the alert is disappeared, only the flight plan and your flight information will appear on the screen, as seen correctly in the picture below.

Despite all warnings, if you do not enter the alternate airport ICAO code or correct it with the correct ICAO because it was wrong, you will not get disqualified but you will receive -60 Penalty points at the end of this flight.