Create Own Assignments

Create Your Flight Assignments.

This service can be used when you want Turkish Virtual to give you a random assignment. (Very useful when you can't make up your mind about where to fly :)

Please keep in mind that; if you have incomplete assignments or already have an active flight (including jumpseat flights).

Although your new assignment will be given on a random base, it will not be the same flight as any of your last five assignments. Under this rule, if the system cannot give you an assignment due to your limited options, you will be warned to make some changes to your selections and try again.

For example, your rank is "Student Pilot", and your last assignment was from LTBA-LTAC / LTAC-LTBA. You select LTAC as departure and B773 as the aircraft. Since you are a student pilot, the system will give you only domestic flights. B773 is a long-haul aircraft mainly used for overseas flights rather than domestic flights by real Turkish Airlines. The only domestic flight with B773 from LTAC is to LTBA in real life. Since your last assignment flight was from LTBA to LTAC, the system will not repeat this assignment, and you will be warned to make some changes with your selections and try again.

Monthly compulsory flights will still be given on the first day of every month based on your aircraft selections which you can constantly update by the "Preferred Aircraft(s)" menu.