Assignment-Takeover Guide

Dear Turkish Virtual Pilots;

As you've known, Turkish Virtual Management sets assignments regularly every month.

The reason why these assignments are set can be summarised by the following;

For these reasons, if we were also to explain our task setting system;

As is known to all, after the transition to the new system, assignments couldn't have been written for a long time due to technical deficiencies, and nearly everyone's mutual demand was for this practice to carry on. - Turkish Virtual members must respect the use of the operations board area on the server; this is a minimal talk area as it is used for flying and communicating with Air Traffic Control on vatsim. - For this reason, through Erhan M. ARTUC's efforts, the system will first manually turn completely active. However, this will to us, or in this case to management will bring a significant workload. The tasks were written individually, one by one via hand and also, after every flight task you've carried out, you can search and find who flew one by one again by hand and bring this flight to the ''completed'' state. After extended code writing, we finally achieved automated assignment write-ups. At this moment, we have a compatible, utterly automatic system that allows us to obtain flights that everyone has carried out. Those that haven't written their last five flights and the same flights with their own randomly chosen airplane types are given a random assignment. - All data transmitted is logged. Abuse of this service will result in termination of use of this service and Turkish Virtual Airlines. - We have software created with a lot of special effort which is shown not to allow the use of another type of plane apart from the written one, has a unique scoring system at the end of the flight, takes into account pilot's status, and sets assignments only to active pilots and not writing to inactive ones. When you consider the points above, being part of GB (Governing Body), you can see that we have increased the value within virtual airspace and VATSIM. When there are any slight demands of the flight assignments, our director, Erhan M. ARTUC, is known to provide support and answer any queries within two days.

However, as seen through the observations of the database, some pilots are not carrying out their flight assignments.

At present, there has been found roughly 3000 flights have been set but not carried out. Some of these flights belong to those that have been active in the past but are inactive at this moment, whereas some are of those pilots that have been active and, although constantly flying, for some reason, belong to those that aren't flying.

As we all know, when first applying through our website, the Application Form states a rule saying ''You will fly your monthly assignment flights'', which is one of our most important rules.

In reality, as much as an airline can't set a task to a pilot, we have also taken some precautions to add realism, and despite the busy intensity of our daily lives; putting this much effort without getting anything in return, we have taken part in a new application to increase our social environment.

The new system implementation will be as follows: