Loss of FDR connection on remote computer

FDR can be used on a remote computer over the network, but we recommend that you connect your computers with a cable. If the wireless network is used and your modem is turned off during the flight, it will be impossible for FDR to receive data from the simulation on the other computer.

FDR records a lot of data at least 10 times per second throughout the entire flight and compares these data with each other each time, preventing manipulation during the flight. If it detects the slightest unrealistic movement, it will disqualify your flight. Since FDR cannot receive data from your aircraft when the network signal is lost, it will record the last data it can receive aside. As soon as the issue is resolved, the wireless network is re-established, and data can be received from the aircraft again, FDR will calculate a large displacement, fuel discharge, and large discrepancies in many other parameters, and will disqualify your flight. Therefore, if FDR is to be used on a remote computer during the flight, it is recommended to create a wired connection, and if you are going to use a wireless connection, to immediately put your aircraft in PAUSE state when the network is lost, and exit the PAUSE state as soon as the network connection is established, to reconnect to VATSIM and send your flight plan. In the case that your network connection is lost, VATSIM checks will continue, so you will need to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Along with this, we would like to remind you once again that it is stated above that: running the FDR on a remote computer will stop the use of the helper file named LvarFix.dll; FDR will not be able to read some values due to the use of LVar instead of the standard OFFSET on airplanes, and for the solution of this, remote computer (wideFS) users will have to install various LUA files themselves in order to troubleshoot their problems.