Pay Fly Via Seniority

Pay and Fly where you want using your seniority points.

• This service can be used when you need a transfer to any airport in the world... • The system will not allow you to buy a ticket if the destination is closer than 50 nm. • You will be charged a fair price by your seniority points. The distance between your position and your desired destination is calculated and you are charged...:

PAY FLY Ticket Seniority Pricing

50 - 500 nm 500 - 1000 nm 1000 - ... nm
0.006 SP per nm* 0.004 SP per nm* 0.002 SP per nm*

• If your seniority is between 30 and 400 then you are allowed to buy a ticket only up to 1200 nm.

• This is a real time flight. You will not be allowed to make a flight when you are enroute to your desired destination point on a ticket flight. Once you buy the ticket, you CANNOT cancel your flight or ticket.