Password Recovery Form

This service can be used when you forget or lose your Turkish Virtual PASSWORD.

In the password recovery page on our website, under the main menu fill in the fields. If all fields match with the data recorded in our database, then your password will be e-mailed to the address that is recorded in our database.

This is the only way you can retrieve your password. Please do not request or ask your password by any other means !


All pid numbers that are listed in the form and are the only pid numbers that we have in our database. If you don't see your pid number, this means your membership was deleted in the past.

Please check the Pid list carefully, if you can't find your pid number please do not ask the reason ! The reason is in the company rules !

In order to recover your password, you must answer the options down below correctly:

If you see your PID number in the list but cannot remember one or more of the other options, please contact the membership department via the contact us page on our website.