Circling Approach

A circling approach is used at Aerodromes with only one runway equipped with ILS and
when winds are not in favour of landing on that particular runway and meteorological condition do not approve visual landings.
The procedure shall be followed by circling to another runway after an Instrument Approach.
Basically the procedure is an ILS approach until you have visual contact with runway. Circling approaches have cloud and visibility minimum and they are generally higher than normal approaches.
The circling minimum altitude and RVR are published on the backside of the first IAL plate for each airport and are set depending on aircraft category.
A circling approach is not allowed if circling minima or visibility requirements are not fulfilled.
(Some airports have special published circling approaches for example ENVA, Trondheim)

The procedure

  1. First stage in this procedure is to fly a normal ILS approach until you have runway on visual, but not lower than circling minima. Fly the instrument approach with gear down and flaps 25 - 30.
  2. 0,5 - 1,0 Nm from the Threshold start timing and turn 45 degrees from the rwy in 45 seconds. In no wind
  3. When abeam rwy threshold start timing and fly outbound for 10-15 seconds
  4. Use of autopilot through the whole procedure is strongly recommended. Normally do not exceed 30 degrees of bank angle.


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