FDR Time Modes

As of FDR v5.05, there are 2 flight modes regarding the time selection.

Real time mode:

If you select Real Time Mode, please check your simulator's date and time before the flight. It should match the real world date and time of the place where the aircraft is located at.

When selecting “Real Time Mode” the date and time of your computer must be the same as the date and time of your country and city. This way, the selected flight will fly in real time.

You can check the current date and time via FDR or you can use programs such as; 'Fs Real Time' for this. FDR has also a warning system for “Realtime Cheat Penalty” on the “Final Preflight Check” menu which makes any final checks for FDR-Sim compatibility. With this warning, the pilot can now be made aware when the real world time and the simulation time does or does not match. To correct the date and time, please simply select the Synchronise button.

Departure time mode:

If you select Departure Time Mode, in this case you have to set the simulator time before the scheduled departure time which is given to you on the destinations menu (scheduled departure time is actually the time when the push&start begins). Do not leave the gate earlier than 5 minutes from dept time, no later than 5 minutes after the dept. time.

Do not leave the gate earlier than 5 minutes from dept time, no later than 5 minutes after the dept. time. If you feel you have difficulties to set the proper timing, FDR will help you by the Time Synch button. But, please make sure you are not using any other time synch programs like FS Real Time.

After selecting Departure Time Mode, you will also be prompted to select a specific time interval to depart within 10-35 minutes from the time you are on. This is done via FDR. This is the time you will spend and need to prepare the cockpit. This is a period that you will determine according to your own wishes.

Besides, XPlane users must set their Track Real World Time option to OFF! If you click on Time Synch button on FDR, your simulator will start to set itself for the new time setting, so it will freeze for a while, so the FDR will. Even if you receive an error message by the system, do click on Continue and keep waiting until your simulator completes the time synchronization. Once it completes, the FDR will return to normal functions. If it doesn't, just close the FDR and restart it.