Simulator Settings

Pilots are allowed to fly routes at any time of your preference regardless of their stated departure and arrival times. We do recommend changing your simulator settings to match these, however this is not required.

Flights should always depart and arrive from a suitable location. These include gates, remote ramps, parking stands and cargo stands. Starting or ending your flight whilst on the active runway (or on the taxiway directly adjacent to the active runway) will lead to denial. Your simulation rate should always be 1x. This is so that your flight time is correctly registered, and so that your flight operation is as realistic as possible. Furthermore this complies with online flying regulations for VATSIM. If you change your simulation rate accidentally, or if it is your first time no matter your flght will be disqualified without warning.

Slew mode

The use of slew mode is strictly forbidden. If you must use slew to get to a gate before departure, do so before starting the recording. Otherwise, your flght will be disqualified without warning.

We highly recommend the use of a real-time weather engine. This may also be the one built into your flight simulator. There are many options out there which provide enhanced experiences such as Active Sky, REX and xEnviro. If you are flying online use the VATSIM provided weather, as per the online flying requirements. If you are unable to use a real-time weather engine please set your weather settings appropriately.