Free Jumpseat Tickets

• You may request a transfer to any airport from the current airport that you are located. If your rank is student then you may not request abroad airports (only Turkish airports).

• When a pilot starts a flight on the route that you request, you will be seated on his/her flight deck and you will be flying on his/her aircraft. If you try to start your FDR during his/her flight, you will not be allowed to use the FDR (You are already flying and you can't get out of an aircraft starting a flight, can you ?? !) and you have to wait until the transfer is completed.

• If you start your FDR before the transfer begins, then your request will automatically be cancelled.

• This flight will be free. You will not be charged any -flight miles-, thats why we call it FREE JUMPSEAT.

• Turkish Virtual pilots are very helpful, one of them will take you and complete your transfer soon, if you also would like to help someone, just check the main page to see if there are any jumpseat requests. All you have to do is to make a flight on the requested route in order to realize this request. Nothing else is required.