Flight Plan Not Found

FDR does not allow for offline flights. From the moment Pushback begins, if you cannot connect to the VATSIM servers or if you do connect but cannot obtain a valid flight plan – every 5 minutes, you will receive a warning, on the 5th warning; your flight will be disqualified.

Only being connected to Vatsim and just sending any flight plan is not enough.

If the plan cannot be found:

and if found but has errors on plan:

warning will be received.

Throughout the flight duration, you must ensure that there is connection available for both your aircraft’s internet connection and Vatsim connection. The Vatsim connection can be checked by clicking the refresh button below the Vatsim menu. However, as of the pushback – if a plan is not found each time after a refresh; the tolerance of 5 amounts would be reduced by one.

It has been observed that; sometimes the vatsim servers, which help the FDR to check if the pilot flies online or the pilot has a valid flight plan, have problems or malfunctions. As a result of these malfunctionings, which FDR has no relation (it's all about Vatsim), FDR gives you a warning like Flight Plan Not Found.

Please do not care these warnings and keep flying without refreshing the vatsim data.


Be aware that if one or two vatsim servers out of five to six servers is/are on a problem, the FDR will find another working server on its next check runs.

Besides, FDR allows you to fly without a proper flight plan for 25 minutes. If ever all of the vatsim servers are down, then the Turkish Virtual management will of course put the back up systems online and will stop the flight plan controls as well as the online flight checks until the problems are fixed by vatsim.

When this happens, the following message will appear: "Please wait for a few seconds and try again." The meaning of this message means that due to the fact that vatsim servers are offline, FDR stops the active flight plan control so that pilots are not disqualified. This system runs automatically and the FDR will restart the flight control after vatsim servers are returning to normal.

All you have to do is to continue your flight normally and ignore the flight plan on the FDR.

If for any reason your flight is disqualified by the FDR, you can see why this happened and for what reason both on the website and on the FDR.


The disqualified example you see in the picture below is the figure you will see on the FDR in the part marked as number 1.


The another disqualified example you see in the picture below is what you will see this time on the website.