Doors detection is temporarily disabled in this version due inconsistent FSUIPC offset behavior from FSLabs side. Please use FDR's aircraft systems doors button.

Barometric Referance (QNH)

Script tracks captain side barometric referance knob's angle to guess the QNH value set in aircraft. FSLabs do not share QNH information directly with the simulator or FSUIPC so this is the only way to share FSLabs QNH with the FDR.

This method is not 100% reliable.

Landing Lights and Doors

Strobe Lights

Setting Barometric Reference Using B Key

Setting barometric reference using B key can reduce reliability of the script due complex nature of QNH tracking between FSLabs and FSUIPC. Eventhough some improvements are made to the script now, which made usage of B key possible; it is still strongly discouraged.

In real aircraft there is no B key and also even in simulator, using METAR data to set QNH reference is more reliable. Afterall, our motto is "as real as it gets".