The connection between FDR and FSUIPC

FDR reads a lot of data from FSUIPC. These data are the standard OFFSET values that FSUIPC takes from the FS environment. Many external programs in the FS environment use these standard offsets (variables). For example, the IAS value is read on all planes via FSUIPC with a 4-byte offset with 02BC integer variable.

As long as all aircraft or flight recording programs use this variable, any program in FS environments can be used with any aircraft. However, some aircraft software companies use their own local variables (LVAR) instead of standard offsets. In this case, some programs have problems with these aircraft, even if not with every aircraft. For example, in the PMDG 738 plane, LVAR and non-standard offsets are used instead of the standard offset for the STROBE value. For this reason, FDR looks at the LVAR value instead of the standard offset value to detect strobe on the PMDG 738 planes. For special cases as such, a DLL file has been developed and supplied with the FDR, and updated if new and incompatible aircraft models are produced.

If you detect a feature that is not detected by testing the aircraft models you have problems with from within FDR, you can report it to the Turkish Virtual IT department via FDR. How FDR and aircraft compliance is tested will be explained in the following section.