The occurrence of problems with VATSIM servers

In some of the servers where FDR checks the online flight status and checks the flight plan, sometimes problems occur, and during the flight, even though the plan is sent correctly, the “flight plan not found” warning is received. This situation is entirely due to the VATSIM servers. It has been seen that problems can occur in 1 or 2 of 3 or 4 servers at the same time.

If there is a problem caused by the VATSIM servers, FDR and VATSIM Flight Plan Surveillance System, which is constantly monitoring on the website, will recognise this situation and stop the disqualification while continuing to follow your flight plan in order to protect your flight.

FDR will indicate this to you with a message on the main screen. You can understand that your flight is continuing in a healthy way from this message or by seeing your name being written in “blue” on the flight chart on the main page of our website. Even if you experience problems with the VATSIM servers, stay connected to VATSIM and send a valid plan.