Random Emergencies

Passenger Emergency:

After completing 40% of the flight, up until 55%, you will be informed of a passenger emergency, and the pilot will be expected to land in their chosen area within 35 minutes.

The pilot will be able to see the remaining time left to submit the flight report. If the pilot fails to do so, this will result in the passenger losing their life, and at the end of the flight will receive a -100 penalty point.

After landing, a divert penalty of below 10.000 ft, 250 knt overspeed and fuel penalty will not be given. This emergency situation might occur only on assignment and scheduled flights. If the flight takes longer than 2000 nm, it will not occur.

Bird Strike Emergency:

This has been programmed to prevent a bird hitting a motor at any time during lift off and landing during AGL 2000-6000 ft.

The pilot must return to the nearest airport immediately after having bird strike.

After landing, the pilot will not receive a divert, fuel or flap PENALTY.