Preperation For Exams

Do you have any ''first officer'' and ''captain'' exams that you should do? If yes, are you unsure as to what kind of questions you may be asked at the exam? Why not train yourself for the exams using our new exam practice system?

We have a highly sophisticated exam system that was quite challenging for some and not very easy to pass at once.

As such, our candidates, who have taken both student, first officer and captain written exams were taking these exams without knowing what kind of questions they would encounter in their exams before they could prepare accordingly. In fact, although the questions were very well-arranged and carefully selected for the rank status, you entered on a general aviation and on certain difficulty levels. Many of our pilots were either not fully prepared for some questions beforehand or had lack of knowledge and had to repeat their exams a number of times.

Starting from this point, we have taken some steps in this regard and started to create some websites specifically for educational purposes. We have opened our exam systems for your full use.

Everyone who has an active member status will be able to take an exam on our site twice a week and have the opportunity to improve themselves before the written exam and answer the exam questions they have learnt and studied by using this system before the exam time. This will also make it easier to pass the exams. It does not matter whether you are in a senior captain routine as everyone will be able to benefit from this service without any limits by using these exam systems.

The number of questions in the exam will vary according to the level status of F/O or Captain. An example application is provided below:


If you use any translation methods during the exam, your exam will be cancelled automatically by the system.

You can access our exam system on our website under training room.