Altimeter Settings (QNH)


FDR recognizes 10000ft value no matter which airport you are in. So, suppose you set the altimeter STD after takeoff below 10500FL and local QNH below 9500ft while descending. In that case, you will not have any problems.

Altimeter Setting Change


The standard pressure 1013hPa altimeter setting is mainly used and adapted for the highest cruise altitude to maintain the separation of all aircraft, whatever their origin and destination airfields. The altitude change at high flight levels in the function of local atmospheric pressure will be prolonged, and there will be very few influences.

With FDR Climbing Phase

When in a climbing flight, no matter which airport You are passing between 9500 ft - 10500 FL, the transition altitude altimeter setting will need to be changed from QNH to STD.

With FDR Descending Phase

When in a descending flight, passing through 10500FL - 9500ft and no matter which airport you are approaching, the transition level of the altimeter setting needs to be changed from STD to Local QNH.


You may set your QNH according to the values published on your charts when departing from or approaching high elevation airports.


You can also make these transitions if you assign a key via FSUIPC or use the Simulator's key option or the B key, which is accepted as default. FDR will recognise all keys assigned and will receive the transitions.