Flying Online

The Group has a close partnership with the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM). This means that we regularly organize and receive invitations to events on the network. Such events take place at a predetermined date, time and location so that everyone, pilots and controllers alike can congregate for a few hours of highly realistic operations, with traffic volume sometimes matching or exceeding real-world levels.

As a virtual pilot, this will be the closest you can get to a real-world pilot’s experience. There will be other (real) people flying and there will be certified air traffic controllers guiding you around and about. You will communicate using real-world ICAO phonetics and phraseology and follow real world navigation procedures.

In order to connect to VATSIM you need one of the following:

  1. XPilot– X-Plane :
  2. VPilot – FSX/P3D :

A decent microphone is strongly recommended for the full experience, although you may also communicate with air traffic control using text. Upcoming events that Turkish Virtual are involved in will be announced through our communication channels.

Representing Turkish Virtual Online;