Airport Transfer Services

In Turkish Virtual, Pilots have to start their flights from the airports where they last arrived at. If they want to depart from a different airport, there are some transfer options to reach to that airport. Some of the methods are real time, while the others are handled instantly, also some options cost some seniority or freemiles which are gained by the flights made, while the others are totally free. Pilot needs to select a method according to the need for a transfer. Here is a comparison of the methods...


It's the pilot's responsibility to plan and go to the airport that he/she wishes to fly. Especially on group flight events, pilots are provided promotional tickets to help them to reach the event departure airport and they must understand that it takes a real flight's time to reach there. All pilots are adviced to make a proper planning to reach to the event departure airport on time.

Comparison Table

Method Duration Where does it go Payment How does it start ?
Bus Transfer Instant Only between Istanbul airports* None Instantly
Free Jumpseat Transfer Real flight duration Everywhere None Wait for a pilot to fly to the destination.
Business Class Tickets Instant To scheduled destinations only Paid by Freemiles earned on the flights made on last 6 months. Instantly
Last Minute Tickets Real flight duration Everywhere Transfer yourself from an airport to another on a Turkish Virtual Aircraft that is already BOARDING Automatically in 3 minutes
Promotional Tickets Real flight duration Everywhere Tickets are provided by management for specific reasons. Automatically in 3 minutes
Pay&Fly Tickets Real flight duration Everywhere Travel wherever you want by your seniority points. Automatically in 3 minutes

*: Some more options for VFR club members